Medical Negligence

In order to prove medical negligence, you must prove that the Doctor has breached his/her duty.  A Doctor has a duty to take reasonable care of his patient.  A Doctor will have breached this duty if he/she does not provide care to a standard reasonably expected of a competent Doctor.  You must also be able to link the negligence with the injury that you complain of.

We at O’Donovan Mahon Cowen, Solicitors will help you to establish if you have a claim.  We investigate the matter by obtaining your Hospital/Doctor’s Records.  Once we receive the records, we will then read through those records and advise as to whether or not you should obtain an expert Medical Report.

We have experience in advising clients when medical treatment goes wrong.  We recognise that this is often a very distressing time.  We have been involved in a number of medical negligence claims arising from the negligence of hospitals and medical professionals.  If you wish to discuss your specific case/query please contact the office to arrange a no obligation, consultation.  Time limits are very short in medical negligence cases.  You should contact us as soon as possible so we can advise you.

Medical Negligence is an extremely complex area of the law, and for further advice on these issues, please contact us to arrange no obligation consultation.

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