Seven Steps to Purchasing Your House

  1. Contact your Bank. Check that your loan approval is valid and that you can comply with all the conditions.
  2. Instruct the auctioneer to send the sales advice note to your solicitor. This notes the vendor and purchaser details, price, contents included in the sale etc. Bear in mind that it is not evidence of a binding agreement. Pay your booking deposit and make sure you get a receipt, marked subject to Contract, loan and survey.
  3. Your solicitor will then write to the Vendors solicitor to request contract and title documents for the house. Your solicitor will inspect/investigate these documents and ensure that the title is in order. Your solicitor will meet with you to discuss the contract and title documents.
  4. You should ensure that you obtain copies of the maps, and planning documentation relating to the property from your solicitor. This will enable you to engage a surveyor/architect/engineer. This person should:
    • Carry out a full structural survey of the property.
    • Ensure that the boundaries of the property on the ground correspond with the boundaries of the property on the title documents.
    • Carry out a planning search of the property and the surrounding area. You will need to be aware of any proposed developments for the area.
  5. Once you and your solicitor are happy with the title to the property then you should meet with your solicitor. During this appointment you will sign the contract and loan documentation. You should bring a bank draft (payable to your solicitor) for the balance deposit to this appointment. After this appointment, your solicitor will send the signed contracts and deposit to the Vendor’s solicitor.
  6. The Vendors will meet with their solicitor to sign the contracts. The contracts only become binding once the Vendors have signed the contracts.
  7. The contracts will set out a closing date. In between the day of signing the contracts and this closing date, your solicitor will request your loan cheque and prepare for closing. On the day of closing the closing documents will be exchanged and keys handed over to you.

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